Global Digital Assets and Markchain Partner for Wider Distribution of Digital Assets

Global Digital Assets and Markchain Partner for Wider Distribution of Digital Assets

Global Digital Assets, a leading blockchain focused capital markets firm in North America, and Markchain, a leading blockchain advisory & marketing firm in France, have announced a partnership to collaborate on capital syndication and distribution for digital asset offerings through mutual portfolio and investor networks. The partnership between the two firms brings together complementary networks and geographic synergies in an attempt to provide disruptive blockchain technology companies with broader access to North American and European capital markets.

Global Digital Assets was founded last year as a joint venture between MLG Blockchain and Secure Digital Markets, to amalgamate two of the leading blockchain firms in Canada and streamline their operations to provide additional value and added services to the clients of both companies. GDA works with companies looking to access capital through blockchain markets through issuing digital assets and building blockchain ecosystems or public markets through mergers and acquisitions and bridges the gap for hedge funds and institutional investors to access top quality blockchain investment opportunities. 

Markchain provides innovative marketing solutions for early-stage blockchain projects (including IEOs, ICOs, and STOs) all the way to established cryptocurrencies and blockchain events. The core services include bringing projects to market, community management, communications, investment strategy, and high-level consulting services. By offering clients a high level of availability and bringing in years of consulting and a high degree of expertise in the blockchain space, Markchain has been able to stand out and offer their clients superior service. As a result, Markchain has a 100% customer satisfaction rate. 

CEO of Markchain, Quentin Herbrecht commented on the partnership by saying: “We are also very excited to start our collaboration with Global Digital Assets. This will allow our customers to reach the North American capital markets more easily with local experts such as Michael Gord and the entire team at GDA. On our side, we are now fortunate to be able to introduce North American based projects to our investor networks in Europe and specifically, France”.

The partnership provides more international geographical coverage to both firms. GDA’s global headquarters are in Toronto and NYC which is complementary to Markchain, whose global headquarters are located in Rennes, France. Both firms will now be able to access more global information, dealflow and successful project implementations from their combined business development efforts around the world.  

“We are excited to partner with Quentin and the Markchain team who are leaders in the blockchain ecosystem in Europe to provide our clients with wider exposure for digital asset offerings. Quentin has a great track record of bringing innovative projects to market that we are excited to introduce in North America”, said Michael Gord, CEO of Global Digital Assets. 

Global Digital Assets

Global Digital Assets (GDA Capital) is a global blockchain & digital assets focused merchant bank based in Toronto & New York City. GDA offers a full-suite of services spanning from ventures and capital to markets and liquidity in order to provide end-to-end solutions to disruptive and cutting-edge blockchain projects. 

Global Digital Assets and its experienced management team has experience that spans the entire blockchain industry. This includes venture capital, capital markets, trading, blockchain technology, token development and issuance. The team has played a significant role in taking dozens of tokens to market for clients around the world; having led million dollar marketing and activation campaigns, and completing over three billion dollars of private placement and OTC transactions. GDA’s work with a variety of firms ranging from family offices and HNWI, Fortune 100 enterprises, startups and global governments looking to accelerate their countries adoption of the blockchain.


As a premier firm based in France, Markchain focuses on providing expert consulting services to a range of blockchain companies who are in need of funding and growth. This fits closely with GDA’s service offerings and the crossover will help them assist each other in giving their clients more coverage.

CEO Quentin Herbrecht founded Markchain in late 2019 and has been consulting in the blockchain sector for much longer than that. A passion for new technologies is what guided Herbrecht’s to the world of cryptocurrencies. Last year, Forbes interviewed the French native about his ICO advisory work success during a bear market and mentioned him as the best ICO advisor in France. At only 24 years old, his career is remarkable. He is an independent Blockchain Expert and evaluator for the European Commission, professor of fintech/ Blockchain in business school and regularly appear in summit or in the media to discuss about his favourite subject, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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