GDA is Throwing a $100 BTC Giveaway!!

Last week, we continued to solidify our service offerings by partnering with Aquifer Services, giving us the flexibility to offer our clients with full internal as well as third-party accounting, auditing, and reporting services. We have a few announcements this week, including our new giveaway and the unveiling of a brand new client (we also discuss why we were so excited about the opportunity to work with them)!

BTC Giveaway


Before diving into what went on this week, we are throwing a GIVEAWAY to say thanks to our loyal and ever-growing community!! 

From now until Thursday, anyone who signs up for our investor newsletter ‘The Digital Asset Digest’ will enter for the chance to win $100 (USD) worth of BTC! 

To enter all you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter by clicking the link here.

The winner will be announced next week on this newsletter and on the GDA Twitter account. We will be emailing the winner at 4 PM next Thursday so make sure to check your inboxes then! 

GDA is Throwing a $100 BTC Giveaway!!

This week we unveiled our newest client Uptrennd! Uptrennd is a disruptive social media project aiming to give the power back to users. With a 20/80 advertising revenue share with the users, as well as a singular focus on data security and freedom of speech, Uptrennd is primed to fill the void left by the current slate of social media platforms.

CEO of Uptrennd Jeff Kirdeikis commented on the announcement by saying “We believe social media should present an opportunity for people to become empowered, not exploited. We value freedom of speech, the security of data, and paying users for the time and energy they put in. We believe everyone should be able to thrive by doing what they love. Every decision we make is in the service of our members. We’re honoured to have received such an immensely positive response towards our vision of a better online world.”

GDA is Throwing a $100 BTC Giveaway!!

At GDA, we are always trying to work with market disruptors; our goal is to identify projects that are pushing blockchain forward in the right way, and giving them the tools they need to succeed.

Uptrennd has grown 60% month over month this year with 11,000 new users onboarded in March, 18,000 new users who joined in April, and 29,000 in May. If this momentum continues, Uptrennd will reach a user base of 2.2 million by the end of 2020. When we looked at these growth metrics, coupled with their ambitious goal of giving power and authority back to social media users, we instantly knew Uptrennd was a project that GDA wanted to help grow. 

We have published a research summary highlighting some key facts that went into our decision to bring on Uptrennd as our latest institutional client. If you’d like to learn more about how Uptrennd and GDA will be working alongside each other, read the full article here!

Company announcements

Since the beginning of 2020, GDA has been working with the blockchain-focused investment fund Alpha Sigma Capital (ASC) as institutional capital partners. With great excitement, we can finally share some of their brilliant research with the GDA community. With an investment thesis focused around uncovering undervalued digital assets, ASC tries to uncover value in the Altcoin sector. Together, ASC and GDA are working to research, identify and capitalize well-deserving crypto and Altcoin projects that can push the industry forward.

To read ASC’s research findings, click here!

upcoming events

Our friends over at BitAngels and BitcoinBay are hosting their monthly pitch competition today (Thursday, June 4th) at 1PM EST! If you love entrepreneurship and technology then this is the event for you! The pitch competition will feature the next wave of innovative blockchain companies which include:

ZeptaGram – The intellectual property rights trading platform powered by blockchain

Sesacash – Your multi-currency account without limits

CoinRecycler – Non-custodial crypto to Lightning engine. 

For more info on the pitch competition head over to the event page here!

And don’t forget to sign up for our investor newsletter here for the chance to win $100 worth of BTC!

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