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GDA Secures $350 Million Investment Mandate from Lehman Bush

Welcome back to the official GDA Capital industry newsletter. Last week we announced our agreement with Uptrennd one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. We will have lots of exciting news to share about Uptrennd in the coming days and weeks, so make sure to stay tuned! But in the meantime, we have some breaking news about an investment mandate to share with you.

This week we are thrilled to announce that our capital markets division secured its largest investment mandate to date. With more news on the monumental engagement and lots of other exciting updates, we hope you enjoy this week’s edition! 

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GDA Capital, along with our institutional partner Alpha Sigma Capital (ASC) have secure a $350 million dollar investment mandate with LehmanBush, a leading investment and project management consulting firm in China. With a strong foothold in the Chinese market, as well as operations abroad, GDA and LehmanBush will work to accelerate the growth of promising blockchain and De-Fi projects across the international market. 

To read the entire release, click here!

investment mandate

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