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uptrennd research

Research Update: Uptrennd Research

One of our goals at GDA is to provide individuals and institutions with market insights that can dispel the misinformation and hype that has plagued the blockchain space. It is this lack of objectivity that has caused projects with groundbreaking potential and promising technology to be undervalued.

That is why from now on, GDA will be creating in-depth reports on these companies to give them the platform they need to introduce their technology to new participants and stakeholders. Ultimately, as pioneers shaping this industry we need to highlight the good apples from the bad if we want to move forward in the right way. This research is the first step towards that goal.

With that being said, we are excited to share our first batch of market insights. The first company we will be covering is Uptrennd, a social media platform that is trying to give power back to the users. They are a perfect example of a company trying to use blockchain in the right way. 

We think you’ll find our company analysis compelling and educational. 

Inside the report, you’ll learn: 

  • The 4 key principles of Uptrennd which will help envision the future of the company
  • SWOT analysis of Uptrennd and the specific opportunity for growth due to recent controversy by their competition
  • A comparable analysis of other companies in the space based on CPM and MVPU
  • Detailed valuation of the token and our projected fair market value for 1UP tokens
  • Breakdown of the 4 investment risks GDA sees with Uptrennd and how they are working to address them
  • And much more…

Click here to download the Uptrennd report!

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