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KYC & Compliance Research Report

As we briefly mentioned in yesterday’s newsletter, we have a very exciting piece of research to share with you today. Together with Alpha Sigma Capital, we have prepared a full breakdown of the KYC verification process as it relates to blockchain. 

You likely know that KYC stands for “know your customer” or “know your client”. But the KYC industry is much more complicated than that.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, KYC regulations have become increasingly stringent and now form the bulk of compliance governance across the globe. In this report, we aim to shed light on recent developments in the KYC regulatory space as well as their impact on cryptocurrency oversight.

Alpha Sigma Capital and GDA Capital have collaborated to bring you this report. Inside, you’ll find valuable insights on:

  • The 5 categories of KYC procedures
  • A detailed history of KYC regulations
  • The major players bringing KYC to the crypto space
  • A deep-dive into the current KYC in crypto debate
  • Our industry forecast

To get your own copy of the KYC report, click here!

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