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Unveiling the Broker’s Beat

The Broker’s Beat is finally here! 

When we began writing this newsletter, our goal was to foster more meaningful relationships with GDA stakeholders and provide them with the same cutting edge research & analysis that we have given our clients.

While this has been a rewarding journey for us, throughout it all, we have received constant feedback and requests for a newsletter that is focused on crypto trading and can provide traders and speculators with everything they need to know about the market. 

So to our excitement, we are finally presenting ‘The Broker’s Beat’, a newsletter made by traders for traders as part of our Secure Digital Markets brand. After presenting a small sample of the newsletter last week, our first official newsletter is live!

The Broker’s Beat will provide an in-depth analysis of all key metrics related to digital asset trading. Recurring topics will include macro trading analysis, an in-depth report of hash rates and the mining sector, as well as a section covering all things bitcoin! 

We have attached a few more snippets to show you what The Broker’s Beat is about, and the kind of value we are trying to provide our readers. 

If you would like to join us on this journey, click here

Last week we discussed the emerging trend of rapidly dropping Bitcoin trading volumes. Our references to a recent report by CryptoCompare showed Bitcoin trading volumes dropping from 14.9mn in May to 6.47mn in June. One theory of the cause is that “hodlers” are taking over and Bitcoin, at least for now, is overbought. 

Everyone who had funds to invest in Bitcoin when it dropped have deployed their funds, and won’t be buying as much in the future. One likely read on this is that with daily trading volumes for Bitcoin continuing to drop, Bitcoin is readying itself for another big market shift as it leaves this current consolidation period.

As we mentioned last week, BTC’s hash rate had just hit a new high of 125.99 terahashes per second. Many were looking at this as having a potential breakout effect on the price of Bitcoin, but nothing materialized.

Another factor we emphasized was how China’s rainy season often correlates with a higher hash rate. When the price of electricity goes down, that allows many of the less efficient mining rigs to run profitably. 

Now, we’d like to discuss one more important factor: network difficulty. On July 13th, this measure spiked to an all-time high of 17.35 trillion. This is often a leading indicator of a drop in the hash rate, since difficulty means less frequent rewards, so it will be interesting to see what comes next week.

That concludes today’s issue of GDA Capital’s Industry Newsletter. Today’s issue is a bit lighter than it will be in the future, but that’s because tomorrow we’re publishing our Stablecoin Overview Report. Watch out for this high-value report in your inbox. You won’t want to miss it!

We hope you enjoyed today’s preview of The Broker’s Beat. If you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe by clicking here.

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