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          We structure and work with the worlds leading funds across each industry category to provide world class investment opportunities to our global network of institutional investors and capital partners.

          Alpha Sigma Capital

          ASC led by Enzo Villani is a multi-strategy alternative digital asset fund that is actively managed and utilized fundamental research to invest and trade companies that have successfully built a user base, demonstrating real-world uses for their decentralized ecosystems.

          Printing Capital

          Metaverse Properties Investments

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A New Era: Welcome to GDA Ventures

Blockchain and other disruptive technology industries are continuing to evolve and reach a more mainstream audience, presenting a host of new and exciting opportunities. As the blockchain industry’s leading capital markets ecosystem, the Global Digital Asset (GDA) Group of Companies is always interested in expanding our offerings to meet the demands of the market. 

Fostering a strong startup ecosystem that can both connect with the capital market as well as enterprise partners is paramount to the long-standing success of an industry. GDA Capital is focused on bridging the gap between institutional capital markets and disruptive technologies and to further this initiative, the GDA Group is proud to launch GDA Ventures, the industry’s premier venture incubation studio. The focus of GDA Ventures is to work with disruptors and help connect them with global investors and enterprises, giving them the resources required to bring their product to the market and impact the world for the better. 

GDA Ventures is a start-up incubation studio. We provide high-growth companies with a direct path to infrastructure, capital, talent, and partnership development. We strategically provide these resources to a select number of companies so that they can continue to meet challenges head-on with the necessary guidance, resources, and network to succeed. 

GDA Ventures will provide a complete suite of services to help companies through their ideation phase to reach global scale. We use our existing experiences and case studies to build a roadmap that is executable and usable by startups along any stage of their product life cycle. We also invite startups to connect with other founders who have excelled in their respective industries, achieved unicorn valuations and exits and are now looking to invest in the next generation. 

We are excited to start this next evolution of GDA and we encourage everyone to join us. You can follow the GDA Ventures journey by clicking here.

As we begin to empower the next generation of disruptive young startups, we look forward to sharing our progress with you.

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