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GDA Investments Announces Investment Into Lattice Exchange

As many of you know, GDA along with several other leading capital markets firms led a strategic investment into Lattice, a decentralized exchange built with the Constellation protocol. Being both a strategic investor and advisor, our goal is to help the Lattice Exchange maintain decentralization across their community. With this in mind, we are sharing the Lattice LTX token’s latest distribution schedule as a way to help decentralize all corporate communications and key announcements. This new schedule spreads out the token releases in order to preserve a decentralized environment and mitigates against monopolization of the network.

GDA Investments Announces Investment Into Lattice Exchange

In addition to providing you with this update, we understand some of you might be learning about Lattice for the first time and deserve a proper introduction to a project we believe will be a leader in the DeFi space for years to come.

The Lattice Exchange is the evolution of DeFi. Using the Constellation Hypergraph Transport Protocol (HGTP) the Lattice Exchange provides more assurance in crypto asset trading, settlements, and also possesses the ability to incorporate multiple specialized and asset-specific automated market-making algorithms to create thicker liquidity, tighter pricing, and less human error. Liquidity and access to digital asset markets has long been a barrier to adoption. We firmly believe Lattice will usher in a new era of trading, value transfer, and digital asset liquidity; making it easier than ever for new stakeholders to participate in this burgeoning asset class.

GDA will begin providing our community with exclusive research breaking down Lattice’s technical underpinning, the value proposition as a business, what happened during their token sale from a technical perspective, and what the short and long term outlook is for this cutting edge project.

Stay tuned for our exclusive Lattice report. While you wait, make sure to check out their website and join their telegram

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