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          ASC led by Enzo Villani is a multi-strategy alternative digital asset fund that is actively managed and utilized fundamental research to invest and trade companies that have successfully built a user base, demonstrating real-world uses for their decentralized ecosystems.

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cryptocurrency mining

Research Report: The Cryptocurrency Mining Industry

This week, we are excited to unveil our new report on the cryptocurrency mining industry. 

When someone thinks about “mining”  in a traditional sense, this typically conjures an image of people in hard-hats sifting through rock deposits to extract commodities and precious metals. However, in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, mining takes on somewhat of a different meaning: it refers to the process of validating and continuously adding transaction records to a publicly available ledger (i.e., blockchain) native to a specific network, and is the mechanism by which new cryptocurrency is circulated within these networks. 

In this report, you’ll get an in-depth look into the fundamentals of mining on blockchain networks, various mining techniques, as well as some established and emerging companies in the mining space, including two of GDA’s very own partners and initiatives. Plus, we have an exclusive quote on the state of the mining industry from NovaBlock.

You can download it here!

We hope you find today’s report informative and engaging. From now on, you can expect a new report every Friday. If you would like to subscribe to our exclusive research newsletter to keep receiving these reports please subscribe here!

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