4 Ways to Get your First Crypto Job in 2022

Now is the perfect time to look for a job in the crypto industry. The digital assets sector has attracted capital faster than talent. Investors from across the world have poured billions into these cryptocurrencies, while the underlying projects face a severe shortage of skilled labor. 

Assuming you have the right skills and experience, here are three ways you can get your first job in this nascent sector. 

Job boards

A slew of crypto job boards has emerged in recent years that help connect job seekers with startups and FinTech giants across the world. Perhaps the most popular are Crypto Careers,, and These boards have listings from across the industry, ranging from niche startups to heavyweights like Ripple and Open Sea. 

Twitter influencer Joe Pompliano recently launched his own job board called PompCryptoJobs which seems to have more listings from traditional recruiters looking to expand into the digital assets space. 

For most job hunters looking for full-time roles or corporate pay packages, these boards could be the best place to start. 


Company websites

Job boards and marketplaces are great when you’re looking to get your foot in the door of this growing sector. However, if you’re already familiar with some of the largest crypto companies and want to work with a team you admire, you could check their website for a direct listing. Binance, Block, Square, and nearly every other major FinTech brand has a careers page on their site that allows you to apply for jobs directly. 



Job boards and online listings are great for traditional roles. But if you’re looking to help a small startup or get an executive-level position somewhere, you may need to start networking to unlock these opportunities. 

Blockchain mega-events like ETHDenver and Bitcoin 2022 Miami could help you connect with the community. You don’t need to be a speaker on-stage to meet interesting developers, startup founders, venture capitalists, and institutional headhunters at these conferences. 

Virtual webinars and metaverse conferences are another way to connect with the community if you prefer to work remotely. 

However, the best way to network within the digital assets space is to be active on social media. The crypto community is highly engaged on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. Creating content or directly interacting with influencers on these platforms could help you unlock new opportunities in the space. 


Decentralized contributions

None of the techniques highlighted here have been unconventional or innovative. Job boards, online networking, and careers pages on websites are all helpful no matter which sector you’re looking to break into. 

However, the digital assets sector is uniquely decentralized. That means you don’t need a traditional full-time job to make money. You could contribute to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), participate in bounty programs, or contribute code anonymously to generate income on a freelance basis. Depending on how skilled and motivated you are, these freelance gigs could be more lucrative than a traditional job.  And since there are no gatekeepers in the crypto industry, these gigs could be the best way for you to get your first job in the sector. 

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