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Global Digital Assets (GDA Capital) is a vertically integrated modern financial institution.

Global Digital Assets (GDA Capital) is the capital markets arm of the GDA Group of Companies, and is a financial institution that provides merchant banking services to financial technology, blockchain, digital asset and other disruptive technology businesses. GDA Capital is globally headquartered in Toronto & New York City with satellite offices in San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, Bermuda and Malta, and a distributed team around the world. GDA executives have a world leading track record of experience executing on projects for Fortune 500 companies, governments and digital asset offerings from the venture incubation phase to liquidity.

GDA Capital and its experienced management team has experience that spans the entire blockchain industry. This includes venture capital, capital markets, trading, blockchain technology, custody, token development and issuance. Our team has played a significant role in taking dozens of tokens to market for clients around the world; having led million dollar marketing and activation campaigns, and completing over five billion dollars of asset placements and over a billion dollars in OTC transactions. 

GDA Capital works with all blockchain ecosystems and offers agnostic capital markets solutions, tailored uniquely to each client, transaction or offering. We have experience working with companies building on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, TRON, EOS, Ripple, ICON, AION, who are forking existing protocols or who are building their own protocol from scratch. We also have experience structuring both utility and security token issuances as well as offerings on traditional public markets exchanges across North America.

Vertically Integrated Modern Financial Institution Solutions

Trusted & Secure

  • GDA is a well capitalized financial institution that uses our own balance sheet to facilitate transactions
  • GDA's Group of Companies have been reliably operating since 2016 with billions of dollars of completed transactions
  • GDA takes regulations seriously and operates compliantly within 44 states and 50+ countries worldwide

Relationship Oriented

  • GDA is in the relationship business and we appreciate our global network of capital, distribution and trading partners
  • GDA cares about our clients and we align ourselves with successful transactions that we are prepared to invest into
  • GDA offer a customized solution with 24/7 availability as the trusted advisor to our clients through our global network

Bespoke Offering

  • GDA works hand in hand with clients to develop liquidation or asset acquisition strategies that are custom tailored to our client’s needs, allowing them to optimize their ongoing fiat requirements or capital deployments.
  • Widest selection of fiat and crypto pairings amongst all G10 currencies

Proven Experience

  • GDA has past experience at leading global investment banks in North America and Europe
  • 35+ of experience in traditional capital markets and 7+ years of experience with digital asset offerings, trading, portfolio strategy and treasury management
  • Team has successful execution of hundreds of millions of dollars of digital asset offerings and trading volume for clients and financial institutions around the world


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MLG Blockchain and its experienced leadership team have advised on over $20B in digital asset offerings and consulted Fortune 500 companies and global governments.

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Secure Digital Markets (SDM) and its experienced leadership team have executed on over $1B in digital asset over the counter (OTC) transactions and millions of dollars of digital asset loans.​