GDA Makes Key Expansion into Asian Market

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Welcome back to GDA Capital’s industry newsletter. If you have been following the market, then I’m sure you have seen digital assets pick up steam amid renewed interest across the institutional sector. With some new company hires and key announcements, GDA Capital has primed itself to meet this new demand head-on. 

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GDA Makes Key Expansion into Asian Market

As blockchain and emerging technology continue to incentivize global collaboration and development, GDA Capital has hired Jean-Luc Gustave to lead the firms expansion into the Asian market and beyond. 

Jean-Luc is an experienced business leader and tech lawyer, with deep experience in designing, leading and selling complex and multinational projects.

His past experiences include advising corporations and funds on their innovation and digital asset strategies, spearheading regulatory and public affairs with international regulatory agencies, as well as serving as head of innovation and business strategy at a $500m family office owned PE fund. 

Jean-Luc is now leveraging his experience and network to expand the GDA Group of Companies to Asia with headquarters in Hong Kong. Jean-Luc has a LLM from the Luxembourg University. He also Co-Chairs the Regulatory and Advocacy Committee of the Fintech Association of Hong Kong. 

GDA Makes Key Expansion into Asian Market

We are excited for Jean-Luc to join our team as we continue our journey to become the worlds leading merchant bank for digital assets and emerging technology. 

If you or anyone in your network has an international blockchain project that needs capital formation, is looking to merge or be acquired, or go public, please get in touch here

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