World Stablecoin Summit Brings Transparency to the Masses

As stablecoins become increasingly important to the digital asset economy, the need for transparency across stablecoin projects is more important than ever. 

As these digital currencies become the bedrock for the decentralized financial mechanisms the world will run on, there needs to be a way to reliably assess the merits and technical sophistication of these projects.

After many months of planning, research, and speaking with our community & advisors, GDA Capital is pleased to announce that we are taking a step towards creating greater transparency by joining the World Stablecoin Association as an official partner.

The World Stablecoin Association (WSA) is an independent, not-for-profit organization, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The WSA unites business leaders, enterprises, community builders and regulators internationally. The WSA works with this diverse group of stakeholders to promote the global development of stablecoins and actively engage in the advocacy of digital currencies. 

World Stablecoin Summit Brings Transparency to the Masses

The World Stablecoin Association is hosting its first event, ‘The World Stablecoin Summit’ this Thursday in DecentralandThe World Stablecoin Summit is free to attend, and we encourage all community participants and industry stakeholders to join us as we work to create a meaningful dialogue that drives real change and innovation across the industry.

To get your tickets to the first World Stablecoin Summit, please click here.

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