Europe Disruptive Investment Summit

We’re in a never-before-seen market situation right now. Negative interest rates and rising geopolitical risks are making it unclear where it is safe to allocate assets. And fixed income, which used to be a safe haven, has become too risky to put much weight in. 

As a result, asset managers are struggling tokeep up. The natural answer is to look at alternative assets.

Disruptive technology investments are less understood by legacy investors because of the exotic nature of the asset classes. Now is the time for fund managers to gain exposure to technology that is building the underlying infrastructure for the new digital world.

Not only are these vehicles positioned to beat inflation, but they provide the opportunity to achieve massive returns. However, as they converge into the mainstream and are close to reaching their tipping points towards global adoption, their knowledge gap must be filled. 

At the inaugural Europe Disruptive Investment Summit, we bring together traditional family offices with a focus on countries across Europe. At the summit, you’ll hear from disruptive investment managers funding the next generation of technology and highlighting some amazing European case studies and disruptive entrepreneurs building the future of the digital world. 

The summit is hosted by GDA Capital and Secure Digital Markets, and welcomes investors, assetmanagers, trustees and companies from all over the world. 

Speakers and panels will explore ideas from the blockchain/cryptocurrency world, as well as emerging tech, NFTs, and futurism in general. For those interested, it will also be broadcasted in Decentraland at the Crypto Convention Center with breakout sessions at the GDA Capital HQ in Crypto Valley.

This is your chance to learn directly from some of the most revolutionary entrepreneurs and hear what changes they expect in our society over the next 10 years. Together, we’ll put a European focus on disruptive technologies, although the information is relevant to viewers all over the world. 

With an intergenerational wealth transfer beginning and the overhang of COVID-19, novel investment strategies are more important than ever. Now is the time to question everything. We hope to see you all there!

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