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GDA Capital is a capital markets organization that provides solutions to accredited investors and disruptive technology companies. We are the trusted advisor that bridges the gap between the institutional capital market and disruptive technologies. 

Global Digital Assets blockchain investing

GDA Capital is the capital markets arm of the GDA Group of Companies, an investment organization, focused on financial technology, blockchain, digital asset and other disruptive technology businesses. GDA executives have a world leading track record of experience executing on projects for Fortune 500 companies, governments and digital asset offerings from the venture incubation phase to liquidity
Global Digital Assets vertically integrated capital markets

Our Mission

Our mission is to make blockchains, digital assets and other disruptive technologies mainstream by powering the strongest networks of the world of tomorrow.

We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats and we are committed to working with all participants in the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem who share a similar mission of pushing this industry forward.

Our Values

We believe in a decentralized future and are committed to spreading the values of decentralization. We are also passionate about using the relationships, access and capital we have acquired from our role in pioneering the financial revolution to give back to the world and solve problems that can lead to a better tomorrow. 

We value transparency, freedom and universally available access to information and value. 

Our Experience

GDA Capital works with all blockchain ecosystems and offers solutions that are uniquely tailored to every client, transaction or offering. We are always a partner in any offering and are aligned in the success of the project. We are experienced working with institutions, Fortune 500 companies, governments and we have advised or provided growth capital to the largest digital asset networks and disruptive technology projects. 

GDA Ecosystem & Group of Companies

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