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David Shafrir

Co-Founder & President

David is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of bringing disruptive technology to market and generating strong returns for investors. 

David excels at identifying value, creating a vision and executing said vision through sound strategic development. David intuitively sees the various threads of opportunity that wind throughout an organization and uses his strong relationship skills and industry insights to bring these opportunities together into a coherent objective.

David was the catalyst behind bringing 4 ventures from the technology and advertising space to market. Since those exits, David has gone on to launch Secure Digital Markets followed by Global Digital Assets, where he occupies the roles of CEO & Executive Chairman respectively. 

Through these roles, David has committed himself to facilitating digital asset liquidity and blockchain adoption on a global scale.

Michael Gord

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Gord is the co-founder & CEO of Global Digital Assets (GDA) Group of Companies, which are focused across capital markets verticals in the blockchain industry. Michael is also the co-founder and COO of Metaverse Group, which is vertically integrated in the metaverse real estate market. 

Previously, Michael was the CEO of MLG Blockchain, focused on enterprise and government consulting and development. Michael has advised billions in digital asset offerings and has worked with Fortune 500 companies and global governments. 

Michael was one of the first advocates for digital assets in Canada, built the first university communities for blockchains in Canada and was the first enterprise blockchain developer that TD Bank hired. 

Michael has introduced digital assets to tens of thousands of people through his initiatives.

Zach Friedman

Co-Founder & COO

Zachary Friedman is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor building at the intersections of finance, blockchain, art and technology.

Zachary currently sits as the COO of Global Digital Assets (GDA), a leading blockchain focused investment bank and CSO of Secure Digital Markets (SDM), a leading global digital asset brokerage.

Through these roles, Zachary has worked with world leading institutions, family offices, governments, and Fortune 500 companies alike.

He has facilitated over $6B of digital asset transactions, advised on over $7B of token offerings and continues to evangelize mainstream digital asset adoption globally.

Zachary is also a founder of Metaverse Group, the world’s first and leading digital real estate company, NFT Bazl, the leading luxury NFT art gallery and worked on the world’s first
blockchain focused SPAC on the NASDAQ ($BMAQU).

Zachary, who is extremely passionate about entrepreneurship, is a blockchain mentor at
Founders Fund, previously launched his own accelerator (W5) and co-produced Elevate
Toronto, Canadas largest technology conference

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