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Digital Asset Fixed Income Strategy

With the help of our business partners we have spent three years developing a very specific trade finance strategy.

The strategy involves taking title of commodities as they become FOB and owning them until they are delivered to the buyer (fully insured) for their journey.

The realized default rate on this type of business is less than 0.25% and in the event of a default you have a very sellable cargo to dispose of. The market size for such financial products is estimated to exceed $1+ Trillion. 

We intend to start funding this strategy with a bond issue. An SPV owned by GDA Bond Issuances will look to issue the bond through one of the main MTN programmes in London, which will give the bond holders the security that the bond will be correctly issued and administered.

With a 25 year maturity, this SPV’s unique structure gives peace of mind to fund managers that he/she will not see withdrawals and they will be able to deploy 100% of the funds at all times.

GDA Bond Issuances

FAQ about our fixed income business

GDA Bond Issuances is a joint venture with London based Consilient Capital Limited to create investment grade fixed income products leveraging blockchain technology that provide higher returns than traditional fixed income products.

We work with large financial institutions looking to take significant supply of fixed income products.

We can efficiently support partners with all their needs regarding the digital asset capital market. Our objective is to assist teams in being able to leverage the benefits of the blockchain to meet their objectives. This includes advisory services related to technical and strategic consulting, as well as merchant banking services to help finance projects and provide them the resources they need to continue their roadmaps.

We think of a digital asset launch as being similar to the idea of a website launch in the early days of the internet. Any business network could serve their community better online and eventually every business, and even individuals would have a website. We believe we are at a similar paradigm shift with digital assets and that a business having blockchain on their roadmap can become a significant competitive advantage over time.

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