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Why Use Blockchain Technology in Gaming​

Interoperable Digital Assets​

Digital assets and non fungible tokens (NFTs) can be traded between games. If you have a popular in game asset, such as a weapon or armor, other games can integrate it into their games, bringing a larger audience back to your game. ​

Investable Digital Assets​

Gaming items, such as weapons, armour or other potential assets become investments when on the blockchain as they become trade-able peer to peer inside or outside of the gameplay. ​

Expand into the Metaverse​

Digital assets allow game developers to expand their level of immersiveness and now have games that are fully in new worlds. Game developers can also leverage existing metaverses to create mini games to drive further adoption of their game. ​

Additional Ways to Monetize​

Having digital assets creates entirely new ways for game developers to monetize their games including having a share of transaction fees on all their gaming assets on and off their platform. ​

User Game Ownership​

Rather than having only the owners of the game development firm and a small very elite group of investors, integrating digital assets provides the opportunity for users of games to share in the ownership. ​

Faster Liquidity​

All in game assets can be sold inside and outside of the game both by the game developers and by the users, which means that all assets can be liquid from as soon as the launch of the game. ​

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