Euro Trip! GDA Capital Takes Monaco

Welcome back for another edition of our industry newsletter. Last week, we announced our engagement with 12 Peers Capital, the Cayman Islands-based capital markets firm. This week, GDA Capital’s efforts were again focused on institutional capital and how we can bring new participants into the digital asset economy.

Euro Trip! GDA Capital Takes Monaco

As institutional interest in blockchain continues to pick up, the GDA Capital executives were invited to attend the exclusive Ritossa Family Office Conference in Monaco, one of the largest gatherings of private and family wealth in the world!

Over the 2-day event, we were able to talk to Family Office managers, sheiks, princes, and other tech founders about the lucrative opportunities in blockchain including investments in the DeFi, mining, and lending sectors.

As a North American based firm, it was both comforting and exciting to see such a strong passion and curiosity for blockchain and other forms of emerging technology. As the world continues to evolve from global to local, it is amazing to see GDA Capital forge relationships not just with our neighbours, but with companies and individuals all over the world. Forbes featured GDA Capital in an article that summarized the Family Office Conference, if you want to read it make sure to click here!

If you represent a Capital Institution of Family Office and want to learn more about the various investment opportunities in the digital asset space, get in touch with us here!

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