Learn How Asia Looks at Disruptive Technology Investments in 2021 (and Beyond)


Ever wondered how Asian investors are looking at disruptive investments strategies?

Disruptive technology niches are merging together and becoming production ready at a rapid pace. What was once fiction is now real life. And as disruptive technology continues to push into the mainstream, institutional investors and wealth managers don't want to miss out on exposure to assets with disruptive potential. Family offices are asking the questions: What disruptive technology industries should I participate in? What are the trends and opportunities that are happening now?

Building a Modern Investment Portfolio in Asia in 2021


October 6 - 7, 2021  |  Presented by: GDA Capital

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3:00PM - 3:05PM HK

Opening remarks

Speakers: Jean-Luc Gustave

DAY 1 - October 6


3:05PM - 3:40PM HK

Family Offices & Disruptive Technology

Speakers: Patrick Ng, Jean-Luc Gustave, Baron Nicholas Verwilghen


3:40PM - 4:20PM HK

Panel: Asia - The Current & Future Disruptive Technology Landscape

Speakers: Jehan Chu, Michael Gord, Michael ByungSun Hwang


4:20PM - 5:00PM HK

Alternative Investment Strategies for Family Offices

Speakers: Andrew Kiguel, Kyle Chasse, Michael Gord, Zak Taher


5:00 PM - 5:40PM HK

Panel: Middle East - The Current & Future Disruptive Technology Landscape

Speakers: Chetan Mehta, Michael Gord, Ammar Lashkari, Mithil Thakore


3:00PM - 3:05PM HK

Opening remarks

Speakers: Michael Gord

DAY 2 - October 7


3:05PM - 3:40PM HK

Panel: Future of Art & Gaming With Disruptive Technology & NFTs

Speakers: Jean-Luc Gustave, Joel Dietz, Kevin Meredith, Ethan Ng


3:40PM - 4:20PM HK

Panel: The Future of the Internet

Speakers: Gabriel Abed, Nikita Inshakov, Andrew Kononykhin, Abdul Rafay


4:20PM - 5:00PM HK

Panel: The Future of Assets

Speakers: Kimberly Adams, Raoul Milhado, Valerian Bennett


5:00 PM - 5:40PM HK

Fireside Chat: The Future of Currency

Speakers: Michael Gord, Nick Agar



Andrew Kiguel

Co-Founder & CEO Tokens.com

Patrick Ng

Investment Manager at Soul Capital

Chetan Mehta

CEO at WAMI Capital

Gabriel Abed

Founder at Abed Ventures & Ambassador of the Barbados to the United Arab Emirates

Jean-Luc Gustave

VP, Asia GDA Capital

Jehan Chu

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Kenetic

CEO at Master Ventures

Kyle Chasse

Joel Dietz

Founder at Art Wallet, Fellow at MIT

Kevin Meredith

CEO at Global Sports Initiatives

Kimberly Adams

Head of Marketing at XDB Foundation

Michael ByungSun Hwang

CEO of Bigbang Angels

Michael Gord

CEO, GDA Capital

Co-Founder at NetBox Global

Sergey Kononykhin

Nick Agar

Founder at AXIA Project

Nikita Inshakov

Founding Member at FreeTON DeFi Alliance

Raoul Milhado

Founder & CEO Elitium

Nicholas Verwilghen

Chief Investment Officer at 1741 Fund Solutions AG

Mithil Thakore

CEO of TeraSurge Capital

Valerian Bennett

CEO at Pop Network

Zak Taher

COO MEX Digital


After the amazing discussions we had during our European Disruptive Investment Summit where we learned all about how investors and disruptive entrepreneurs are looking at the landscape in Europe, we’re bringing our next conference to Asia!

With many of the largest global businesses in each niche being started by entrepreneurs around Asia, it’s really considered ground zero for innovation right now.

This inaugural Asia Disruptive Investments Summit is your opportunity to fill this knowledge gap as we bring together disruptive investment managers and highlight some amazing Asian case studies.

For the past few years, Asian investors have had a front row seat to innovations in financial technology and blockchain technology, AR / VR, GameFi, Metaverses, NFTs, and more.

Exclusive Panels on All Things Disruptive Technology in Asia

Topics covered will include:

  • Asian Disruptive Technology Landscape in 2021 and Beyond
  • Disruptive Investment Strategies for Family Offices
  • Future of Art, Gaming, Sports and Entertainment with Disruptive Technology
  • Future of the Internet with Disruptive Technology
  • Future of the Assets with Disruptive Technology
  • And Much More!

This is the perfect event for any investors, asset managers, or companies who want to learn more about investing in Asia and some of the disruptive technology opportunities currently available (or coming up soon).

For those interested, the summit will also be broadcasted in Decentraland at the Crypto Convention Center with breakout sessions at the GDA Capital HQ in Crypto Valley.

We hope to see you all there!

From our previous event attendees:

"GDA's previous family office summit was a tremendous event that gave our team a direct audience with of the industries' leading disruptive projects and capital groups."

Enzo Villani

CEO of Alpha Sigma Capital

"GDA events are truly a melting pot of blockchain projects, investors and institutions. Its a great opportunity to meet like minded stakeholders and learn about emerging industry trends.

Johannes Hainlen

CEO of Staithe Capital

Ammar Lashkari

CEO at Cryptocamel HPC Datacenters