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Global Digital Assets (GDA Capital) has structured and / or participates with world class financial products in the form of funds that provide institutional investors with exposure to different types of asset classes including Bitcoin, alternative digital assets (altcoins), private equity and mining. 

Alpha Sigma Capital

California based multi strategy alternative digital asset fund that is an actively managed arbitrage fund by CEO Enzo Villani, former Head of Strategy at Nasdaq.


Metaverse Properties Investments originates and invests into land and real estate exposure across all leading blockchain metaverses.


Bitcoin mining and power fund with $1 Million AUM focused on originating and investing into the lowest cost producers of bitcoin.

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The rise of non-fungible tokens or NFTs has been one of the most striking trends in the digital assets sector in recent years. Collectors
Tezos is a distributed blockchain project that seeks to enhance peer-to-peer transactions. It also serves as a platform that people use to execute smart