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          We structure and work with the worlds leading funds across each industry category to provide world class investment opportunities to our global network of institutional investors and capital partners.

          Alpha Sigma Capital

          The Alpha Sigma Capital (ASC) led by CEO Enzo Villani is one of North America’s first registered digital asset investment firms focused on blockchain technology, decentralized finance and providing growth capital to altcoins.

          Printing Capital

          Metaverse Properties Investments

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What is Cardano?

Founded by Ethereum co-founder and mathematician, Charles Hoskinson, Cardano is the world’s first blockchain platform based on peer-reviewed research  Cardano aims to improve upon scalability,

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What is Tezos?

Tezos attempts to achieve full decentralization by deploying a unique democratized governance system based on what is known as ‘digital commonwealth.’ As a Liquid Proof

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broker's beat
GDA Newsletters

Unveiling the Broker’s Beat

The Broker’s Beat is finally here!  When we began writing this newsletter, our goal was to foster more meaningful relationships with GDA stakeholders and provide

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What Is Uptrennd?

As technology advances, social media users are becoming more concerned about how social networks handle users’ data, and what security measures are deployed across such

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