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To everyone at the GDA community, our partners, and clients: We hope you and your loved ones are okay during these hectic times. Here we discuss how our firm is handling Covid-19 and global remote work environment.  

We’ve always been a remote-first company with people all over the globe. Fortunately, all of us are fine and presenting no symptoms, so there’s no need to expect any changes to our regular operations. 

Whether you’re entirely new to the blockchain space, looking to establish your crypto company, or are an already established firm, GDA is excited to continue providing access to blockchain and digital asset capital markets in these strange times. 

As we all know, the blockchain community is tight-knit, caring, and information sharing – that is one aspect that makes it so amazing. In this community, communication between individuals, businesses, and all players involved is critical.

However, we are also strong because this shared success doesn’t depend on face-to-face communication. It has never been easier to enjoy the perks of remote work – no matter how close or far away – via great tools like Slack, WhatsApp, Zoom, Asana… you name it. So, let’s use them!

Here at GDA, we pride ourselves on an outstanding work culture. Weekly meetings, constant communication, and passionate employees help us achieve this. Everyone on our team goes to work each day for the main purpose of benefiting our partners and clients. This collective ideal among all employees is the foundation of our strong culture. 

And what would a company in the always revolutionary blockchain space be if it wasn’t making use of the best tech around us? Applications like Slack – our ‘virtual watercooler’ – and Asana make the operations of our remote team effortless, flawless, and collaborative. 

This is a strange time for the community. We’re all in this together. Just because we are all confined to our homes does not mean the world around us is stopping. 

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about a new topic or get started on a new business venture, such as launching your new token, now is the perfect time! As many of us have more downtime than ever, instead of stagnating, why don’t we all innovate?

We would love to be by your side and help you grow the business of your dreams. We’ll be with you every step of the way, be it today, tomorrow, or ten years down the road. This time of chaos is not stopping us. Don’t let it stop you. 

No matter where you are, please stay safe, wash your hands often, and practice social distancing as much as possible. Let’s flatten that curve!

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TORONTO & NEW YORK — MLG Blockchain and Secure Digital Markets have reached a definitive agreement to launch their new joint venture, GDA Capital Corporation. This joint venture will be the blockchain industry’s leading capital markets business and combines businesses that have:

● Advised on more than two dozen digital asset launches for some of the largest blockchain networks in the world;
● Have advised on over $400M in capital raised;
● Brokered over $1B in digital asset transactions;
● Worked with Fortune 500 companies and government organizations in North America, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Caribbean;
● Brokered several M&A transactions and Reverse Takeovers with collective financings of over $100M
● A footprint of three offices around the globe and over 20 team members

Under the terms of the agreement, executives from MLG Blockchain and Secure Digital Markets will own 100% of GDA Capital Corporation, the capital markets business which will focus on digital asset offerings, mergers & acquisitions, capital formation and payments. MLG Blockchain will continue to focus on the ongoing enterprise activities the firm is doing involving consulting and development for large companies and governments to accelerate their blockchain roadmap. Secure Digital Markets will continue to focus on trading and liquidity.

MLG Blockchain and Secure Digital Markets will each distribute each other’s products and services and each organization will maintain a narrower area of focus to ensure the teams are executing at a world class level of performance. The firms will also benefit from the transaction by streamlining several shared expenses such as legal, finance and human resources.

Michael Gord, Founder & CEO of MLG Blockchain, said, “By bringing together MLG Blockchain and Secure Digital Markets’ strong revenue-producing businesses, we are creating a new industry-leading blockchain firm. GDA Capital will become the first choice for issuers and high-quality blockchain advisors by offering the broadest range of financial products and solutions in the blockchain industry, as well as the market intelligence and investment opportunities from both MLG Blockchain and Secure Digital Markets global networks. This joint venture is an important step forward in our mission to make blockchains and digital assets mainstream by building a group of blockchain companies with the resources to cater to the highest level of clients as we enter this next wave of blockchain adoption.”

Secure Digital Markets and MLG Blockchain will benefit from this joint venture by increasing the monetization potential from their capital markets business while continuing to benefit from both of their multi-year earnings streams as they streamline their organizational structure. The joint venture expands both firms’ access to global institutional asset management firms and capital partners which will, in turn, provide more access to financing opportunities and liquidity for clients.

Secure Digital Markets Co-Founder and GDA Capital Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, David Shafrir commented on the launch by saying:

“A rising tide lifts all boats, and we are wholly committed to injecting capital, technical tools and contributing strategic advice to founders that are pushing innovation in the industry forward. Michael, Joaquim and Zachary bring complementary insights and thought-leadership and share the same values and vision about GDA’s potential to expedite market adoption and facilitate liquidity on a global scale. By offering our clients a curated suite of financial services such as Tier-1 banking solutions, structured lending products, and secure custodial services we hope to usher in the new wave of institutional capital. With the launch of Global Digital Assets, we will also have the infrastructure to support founders & projects from ideation, to capital formation, project launch, and into secondary market liquidity and trading.”


  1. The combined firm, to be called GDA Capital, will be comprised of executives from MLG Blockchain and Secure Digital Markets and will have more than 100 partners in 45 countries.
  2. New industry leader will offer issuers and investors an unmatched global platform with a global footprint in Toronto, New York City, Montreal & Barcelona
  3. Transaction will create significant value for both MLG Blockchain and Secure Digital Markets – with significant cost savings and additional revenue potential

About Global Digital Assets
Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Global Digital Assets is a full-suite advisory firm with a focus on merchant banking services for the fintech market with a specialization in blockchain. GDA’s mission is to ignite the blockchain revolution by stimulating demand for digital asset offerings by originating and matching innovative companies with strategic capital partners to create global synergies.

ArtValue Artificial Intelligence (AVAI) and Global Digital Assets (GDA) have reached an agreement to further deepen their strategic relationship in the build out and distribution of an AI driven art pricing, assessment and market sentiment platform. Positioning itself as an Art Data company, it is the goal of ArtValue to deliver Real Time Analytics (RTV) in order for art to be managed similar to mainstream asset classes.The two companies are pursuing several opportunities and products for art investors through the AVAI technology, including custom dashboards and a database of artwork value profiles.

The partnership consists of Global Digital Assets participating in an advisory and distribution capacity to help ArtValue build the required features to their valuation products to be useful across their network of art investors. ArtValue also has plans to be the valuation layer for payments of art assets that are stored on the blockchain, which ties closely with the focus from Global Digital Assets of putting assets onchain and making them transactable. Through the partnership, the two firms strengthen their market leading position for digital assets of art.

AVAI, which has been operating since 2016, has developed proprietary technology that is patent pending using the latest AI algorithms, big data and the semantic web and currently provides price assessment and correlations based on a database of over 2 million artworks including all blue chip artworks. The platform also provides search information on returns of select artists including price movements and forecasts, public auction sales data of similar works and many other factors that impact the value of specific paintings. The primary mission is to provide transparency to those who invest in art. 

“ArtValue Artificial Intelligence is market leading software for art valuations that we can use to determine real time pricing of artworks to enable the transactability of digital assets stored on the blockchain that is supported by blue chip artworks.”, said Global Digital Assets CEO, Michael Gord. “We are happy to be working with their team of innovators and to use their software to ultimately increase the demand for and potential profitability of art investments by increasing their liquidity.” 

AVAI users will be able to identity answers to questions that were traditionally difficult to verify such as what attributes of the artwork can impact the value, the relationship of the artwork to similar works that have been sold recently, the price trends for each attribute, the expected appreciation or depreciation rate of the artist, the size of the global collector base of each artist, the demand for each work from the community and the expected volatility of the artwork, among other relevant indicators. The AVAI community will be able to make educated decisions based on this compiled data to identify artists and artworks that meet their investment objectives based on their risk profiles.

“This partnership opens up tremendous growth opportunities for the family of products in the ArtValue portfolio. The teams at Global Digital Assets offer significant access to art investment networks that will prove invaluable to the expansion of our business.” said Brian McConville, co-founder and CEO of ArtValue. “I’m excited to be partnering with their market leading firm and working together to execute on our mutual goal of making art transactable and more liquid.”

Global Digital Assets

Global Digital Assets (GDA) is a global blockchain & digital assets focused merchant bank based in Toronto & New York City. GDA offers a full-suite of services spanning from ventures and capital to markets and liquidity in order to provide end-to-end solutions to disruptive and cutting-edge blockchain projects. 

Global Digital Assets and its experienced management team has experience that spans the entire blockchain industry. This includes venture capital, capital markets, trading, blockchain technology, token development and issuance. Our team has played a significant role in taking dozens of tokens to market for clients around the world; having led million dollar marketing and activation campaigns, and completing over three billion dollars of private placement or OTC transactions. We have worked with a variety of firms ranging from family offices and HNWI, Fortune 100 enterprises, startups and global governments looking to accelerate their countries adoption of the blockchain.


AVAI is a product of Art2Score Inc. A2S Inc is a high tech, data driven, financial and information company designed to solve problems in art investing. It is a privately held company headquartered in New York City. AVAI provides tools such as art asset analytics to investors and financial companies using APIs and dashboards for art investing. 

AVAI’s engineering team has many years of AI experience starting technology companies with backgrounds in NLP and deep learning, including proprietary algorithms and approach. Based on our hands-on AI development experience, we’ve designed the world’s first AI engine to value fine art as an investment asset. Our business mission is to help turn an art collection into art investing.

Michael Gord represents GDA at The Canadian Tech Summit in Bermuda.

Michael Gord, Co-Founder & CEO of Global Digital Assets (GDA), travelled to Hamilton, Bermuda as one of the five companies in the Canadian cohort of the first Canadian Tech Summit in Bermuda, to identify opportunities between Canadian and Bermudian businesses.

GDA Capital, Penrose Partners, Mantle, Bidali & Blox Teams
Around David Burt, Premier of Bermuda

On January 28, Michael presented GDA and how their platform can help launch, structure, and distribute digital assets in Bermuda’s futuristic economy. Listening to the presentation were guests from the private and public sectors of Bermuda, along with key representatives from the Canadian Consulate. Some of the key attendees included members of the Bermuda Monetary Authority, Bermuda Development Agency, Appleby Global (a leading law firm), and Continental Management Limited. Constructive collaboration between these stakeholders will be crucial in shaping an environment where Michael’s company can effectively enter the market and contribute to the community’s success.”

Having both David Burt, Premier of Bermuda, and Khawar Nasim, acting Consul General at the Consulate General of Canada in New York, participate in a fireside chat shows just how important the topic of fintech is to Bermuda. Attracting the attention of such key people created a considerable amount of buzz. In the lead up to the event, the Royal Gazette, Bermuda’s leading newspaper published an article kicking off the summit and announcing GDA’s arrival. They then sent several journalists to cover the event and published a followup article discussing GDA and the 4 other Canadian companies comprising the cohort.

CEO of Bidali, CEO of GDA Capital, CEO of Mantle & CEO of Knox in Bermuda

GDA’s immediate appeal for Bermudians is the possibility of providing the island’s citizens with fractional ownership of their own island, through tokenization of real estate, land and other traditionally illiquid assets. Through this democratization of ownership, Bermuda could become an example of a country’s people truly owning their part of their government. 

Michael Gord, Co-Founder & CEO of GDA Capital

The firm also sees massive potential for serving as a fully-compliant token issuance platform, building upon Bermuda’s Digital Asset Offering (DAO) legislation and its global renown as a financial centre. GDA has the opportunity to be the first advisory firm to offer compliant DAO-as-a-Service to the global blockchain ecosystem, and Michael and the team are looking forward to their next visit to the island.