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Research Release: State of the Metaverse

Welcome to our State of the Metaverse mega-report! This was originally posted on Metaverse Properties.

This report will focus on the state of the metaverse more broadly, consolidating the specifications and characteristics across each of the aforementioned implementations. In particular, this report will serve to provide an in-depth overview of the metaverse, detail and define some of its key characteristics, discuss some complementary embedded technologies, as well as compare and contrast different metaverse implementations functionally and from an investment standpoint.

Our preceding report series aimed to delve into the metaverse through describing its capabilities, applications, and developments individually in the context of respective, specific implementations such as DecentralandSomniumThe SandboxCryptovoxels, and Upland. The series provided explanations for different virtual real-estate offerings in each of these metaverse implementations and the process of buying/renting land in each, and additionally offered a description of companies that facilitate virtual real-estate offerings within the metaverse. 

And if you’d like more information on how to buy land in the metaverse, Metaverse Properties has the answers.

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