We have built the framework to build and scale blockchain companies.

We have worked on taking dozens of blockchain firms to market and have developed the capabilities and the global network to build and scale blockchain ventures globally. We partner with leading firms in each jurisdiction to be able to launch a gloabl to to market campaign with local representation and drive enormous traction to accelerate growth.


Ventures Services

Global Digital Assets is vertically integrated to build and launch a new decentralized application.

We work with clients ranging from Fortune 500 multinational enterprises, to global governments to design and build their technology, create their global marketing and distribubtion plan and then execute the product launch. We have worked on multi-million dollar global product launches.

At the end, our aim is to build products that we can introduce to our audience, help to secure capital for, and ultimately work with firms through their public offering or liquidity event.


Corporate Structuring

Structure your Global Corporation.

We have experience structuring corporate entities in most jurisdictions that have friendly crypto regulations including Malta, Gibraltar, Bermuda, Barbados, and have banking relationships for fiat on and off ramps.

We also work with governments around the world on how their countries handle their blockchain regulations and business.

Get Structured

Token Economics & Modelling

Build Your Token Ecosystem.

The practice of token economics has advanced significantly and now we can model token ecosystems similar to how we model financial cashflows.

It is important to ensure there is an intrinsic value for the token and that there are sufficient eco-system controls to ensure a thriving ecosystem over time.

Build Your Token Ecosystem

Blockchain Development

Develop Your Blockchain Application.

We have significant experience working on building blockchain applications for global institutions, as well as for startups. We have launched tokens we have developed and audited code from others

We are blockchain agnostic and have experience working with many blockchain frameworks such as Ethereum, TRON, EOS, ICON, etc.

Build on the Blockchain

Smart Contract Auditing

Secure Your Smart Contracts

Get automated test cases and penetration testing for smart contracts.

Before launching, you can also do significant testing on one of the test networks to ensure that your code is functioning properly.

Get Audited

Advisory Networks

Connect to Possible Advisors.

We can help to scale your team with industry experts from around the world who can lend credibility, share their network of business relationships and investors and ultimately help to scale a project.

Bringing on and engaging advisors is an ongoing process that we can accelerate.

Meet Advisors

Liquidate Digital Assets

We provide the on and off ramps to purchase or liquidate large blocks of bitcoin and other digital assets off exchanges to not impact the price. We act as the principle on both sides of the trade so you can be sure to always have a trusted trading counterparty.


We source our liquidity from the world’s largest non-bank trading institutions. We then match our clients to the best available price across our liquidity pools while completely eliminating the heavy lifting of sourcing price discovery. In addition, we offer the high touch support and professional market insight that is impossible to find at online exchanges while saving our clients time and money.

  • Daily Settlement
  • Support for most G10 Currencies
  • Dedicated Account Broker
  • Best-in-class spreads and fee structures
  • Liquidity for over 50 digital assets
  • Easy FIX API Connectivity


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Biki Partners With Global Digital Assets
Global Digital Assets Partners with Biki Exchange

Global Digital Assets (GDA) is proud to join the BiKi Partners Node Program and announce a strategic partnership with Biki, a top 20 global blockchain exchange.

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