Metaverse Research: The Sandbox

the sandbox

Welcome to Part 3 of our in-depth research into the metaverse! This was originally posted on Metaverse Properties.

This report series aims to delve into the metaverse through describing its capabilities, applications, and developments; explaining different, prominent implementations of the metaverse in the context of Decentraland, Somnium, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels, and Upland; offering explanations for different virtual real-estate offerings in each of these metaverses and the process of buying/renting land in each; as well as an offering a description of companies that facilitate virtual real-estate offerings within the metaverse.

As you learned in our previous releases, the metaverse refers to a collectively shared virtual space that arises through the convergence of virtual and augmented reality, as well as the internet. It’s often heralded as a burgeoning, next-generation iteration of the internet, consisting of universally existent/accessible, three-dimensional, shared virtual spaces residing within a larger virtual universe.

In this third installation of the series (Part 1 was on Decentraland and Part 2 was on Somnium), we focus on another metaverse implementation known as The Sandbox: a community-driven platform where creators are enabled to monetize digital assets and gaming experiences in a decentralized, blockchain-based environment.

And if you’d like more information on how to buy space in the Sandbox, Metaverse Properties has the answers.

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