Announcing GDA’s Next Top Blockchain Startup Competition

Next top blockchain startup

The world is changing thanks to blockchain technology. Every industry is being affected, and we expect the effect to grow over time. However, it will take intelligent, creative, and dedicated individuals to create new use cases and improve existing products for blockchain technology to be adopted by the mainstream, which we are convinced will happen.

That’s why Global Digital Assets is launching the Next Top Blockchain Startup (NTBS) Competition. NTBS is a global hackathon and startup competition aimed at showcasing the next generation of blockchain innovators. Prepare for a summer filled with instructional keynotes and Q&A sessions with blockchain thought leaders. Compete for cryptocurrency incentives, token design and mentorship, listing possibilities, admission to incubators and grant programs, and a virtual pitch day!

A New Take on Incubation

Accelerators help entrepreneurs scale while providing resources and support along the way. GDA aims to change the conversation about funding blockchain startups. While there are plenty of accelerator programs and funds focused on early stage startups, there hasn’t been a focused effort to nurture early-stage blockchain innovations (and innovators). GDA aims to virtually bring together talented minds and put them in a position to scale and create real value.

Hackathons are where the best and brightest get together to compete against each other in game-changing ways; our event will be no different. Our hope is that by competing in this competition, notable Blockchain entrepreneurs will have a better chance at securing funding, expanding their businesses and attracting new customers.

Do You Have What It Takes To Lead The Blockchain Organization Of Tomorrow?

The purpose of this hackathon is to find the next big thing in blockchain technology. This virtual hackathon, startup competition and accelerator program will help us narrow down our focus and select the best new blockchain companies from around the world that have the potential to grow into global players. 

You don’t have to be a native speaker or have $1 million in funding to compete for this opportunity. If you’re a student in computer science, engineering, business, or any other applicable field, this is the perfect fit for you. We see this as being a lightning rod to attract any individuals with an interest in blockchain and tokenomics. 

The GDA community has always been neck-deep in innovative, disruptive projects. We’re proud to now have a dedicated organizational structure with the necessary resources to make these kinds of remarkable innovations happen. 

How It Works & What To Expect

This Virtual Hackathon will offer entrepreneurs from all over the world the opportunity to receive mentorship from some of the best projects and founders in the space. 

How does it work? In short, you submit an idea for a product, service or business concept to be developed using blockchain technology. We have $137,500 in prize money covering a broad range of categories, which makes this an opportunity you won’t want to miss. 

After the hackathon, select winning teams that display the best business use cases will get an opportunity to present at the ‘Virtual Pitch Day’ of TDeFi, a crypto accelerator, and potentially receive up to $100,000 in grants and entrance into their extensive acceleration program that will assist with: company setup & regulation, token construction and listing advisory, and mentorship for fundraising. 

Join us this August to accelerate your growth in the world of blockchain technology!

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